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Shoji Studio

Our Company was formed to promote exposure to the beauty of Japanese influence and culture. This is most often associated in the Western mind with one Japanese icon: the shoji screen.

We explore different ways of presenting washi as a lighting solution and promote the use of wood as a warm, sustainable and natural medium. We are positioned to offer our clients hand-made lamps and screens, optionally with individual, hand-painted designs painted directly onto the washi.

Dissatisfied with the availability of quality shoji lamps in Australia, and not prepared to accept the poor condition and materials of cheap imported copies, we decided to make our own.

We are a small joinery company making quality niche products.  Based in Sydney, we ship to order all over Australia and overseas, proving the desirability and durability of our designs.

Our mission is to continue bringing new and unusual designs to you in the years ahead, so check back from time to time.
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