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Japanese Lamp Construction

Making lamps is not a simple process. The design must be both appealing and ascetic, respecting the manufacturing method and its constraints, the intended use and location and, above all, it must be safe.

All of our lamps are made of cedar and use only traditional materials. No screws are used at all, with the cables tucked away out of sight.

Washi, the name of the translucent paper used in shoji screens that positively radiates any kind of light passing through it, is able to produce an atmosphere of calm and well-being wherever it is used. The same is also true for our lighting products.

Our range of lamps all use washi and low-power globes for energy efficiency. The look retains the serenity of soft light without the sometimes harsh effects of such globes seen elsewhere. they also ensure that there is never a safety risk: the washi is 100% flame retardant, and the CFL globes never get hot.

In addition, our latest range of contemporary, Japanese-themed lamps use LED technology for even more efficiency and reliability. There are no globes to replace for the lifetime of the lamp! LEDs also allow us to build unusual lamps because of their size.

The purpose of the beautiful cedar wood is to provide a supporting framework for the washi, as well as enhancing its looks.

Lamps are shipped with either an Australian switched power cord or a terminal block for connection to existing ceiling or wall outlets. International customers will need to replace the power plug with their local version.

Each lamp is finished in low-VOC acrylic varnish or enamel, ensuring that it will not have any environmental impact or adverse health effects.
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