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Green Lighting using our Japanese Lamps

Faced, as we all are, with higher power bills and energy-related environmental damage, Shoji Studio is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Most home-owners are unaware just how much of their electricity usage derives from household lighting alone. High-wattage and inefficient globes and strip-lights are used to light the whole place up, and then we forget to turn them off again!

Then there are the halogen downlights mounted in the ceiling: 10 of these will burn up 1/2 Kilowatt of power!

We will use none of these globes - the way forward for us can only be through replacement by more efficient types of globes.

Our lamps use only energy-efficient CFL globes and LEDs, which take a fraction of the power of incandescent globes, and last much, much longer before replacement. Any reservations we used to have about them being too white and looking too much like a hospital ward have long since been dispelled. Modern CFL globes and LEDs are now looking much like the old globes: warm and inviting.

Covered and diffused by our authentic Japanese washi over the top, they look even better.

Both CFLs and LEDs allow us to eliminate any safety concerns within the lamp designs because they never get hot enough to damage any part of the lamp.

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