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Japanese Floor Lamp         

$980 + Delivery

The classic Japanese floor lamp: an item to cherish over the years. Works well almost everywhere, requires little power and looks warm and welcoming.

The lamp measures: 250(w) x 250(d) x 1100(h) and is for interior use only.

It features a 2 metre cable with in-line switch and 2x 15W (=75W each) warm-white CFL energy-saving globes, which are cheap and efficient to run and have a long life. Energy-saving CFL globes from 8W to 20W can be used instead. Note that this lamp is not designed to use any other type of globe.

The lamp is made of cedar and can be finished in either natural varnished, walnut or black.

The power cable can be black or white with matching switch.

Traditional black Japanese shoji lamp in corner setting

Black Japanese floor lamp in detail

Natural Japanese floor lamp in detail

Natural Japanese floor lamp in close-up

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