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Japanese Hanging Lamp - Ripple

$755 + Delivery

Our Ripple lamp is a fusion of traditional Japanese and modern styles. It allows the same soft light from the washi to be used in a contemporary setting. Hang it over a breakfast bar, counter or dining table as a practical and beautiful talking point.
The lamp can be made in 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-lamp variants and the height is determined by your own requirements.

The lower portion of the 3-lamp Ripple measures: 1050(w) x 260(h) and 140(d).
Individual choices of washi are also available, from plain white to textured off-white - ask for samples.
The light quality is warm and easy on the eye, with no glare or shadows.
It is designed for mounting directly onto the ceiling, has connection points inside the top bar, and all cables are hidden within the lamp structure. It features 15W (=75W each) warm-white CFL energy-saving globes, which are cheap and efficient to run and have a long life. Energy-saving CFL globes from 8W to 20W can be used instead. Note that this lamp is for interior use only and not designed to use any other type of globe.
Made of cedar, ash and polished aluminium, the wood is finished in natural satin varnished.

The Ripple 3 Japanese hanging bar lamp from the side direct

The Ripple 3 Japanese hanging bar lamp from the side offset

The Ripple 3 Japanese hanging bar lamp

The Ripple 3 Japanese hanging bar lamp from below

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