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Japanese LED Floor Lamp - Stikk

$580 + Delivery

Something different: Stikk uses an ultra-bright LED strip to wash the surface BEHIND the lamp with light, providing a soft glow that's easy on the eye. For more subdued light just touch the built-in dimmer. The heavy oak base ensures that it won't fall over when the kids are playing.

The lamp base measures 320 x 320mm and the lamp is 2m high for interior use only. Other heights are possible on ordering!

Each Stikk lamp has a strip of dimmable, ultra-bright, energy-saving, warm white LEDs that together consume only 35W and have a very long life, so say goodbye to changing the globe! Input voltage for the built-in driver is 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Stikk comes complete with its own driver.

A tiny touch-dimmer provides seamless control from 10 - 100%, plus On/Off and a memory of the last setting used. Backlit so that it's easy to locate in the dark.

The lamp is made of cedar and oak and finished in natural varnished.

The vertical strip LED gently illuminates without glare

The rear view shows the dimmed even lighting from energy-efficient LEDs.

The touch dimmer responds to short touches (on/off) and longer touches (dim down/up). It has a memory to retain any dimmed setting until next turned on.

The heavy base keeps the lamp stable and safe.

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